Countless ideas and boundless energy!

In short

Visual identity creation

business logos, manual guidelines, typography, colours, media and more

From design to finished product

brochures, catalogues, flyers, posters, books, packaging, logos, business cards, invitations, annual reports, newsletters and more


Production follow-up

printer specifications, OK to print, print setting, quality control and printing

Multilingual service

Kathleen works mainly in:
English | French | German | Swiss German

But also in:
Arabic | Burmese | Kachin | Karen | Karenni | Kirmanchi | Kynarwanda | Malay | Magunidanao | Mon | Russian | Shan | Spanish | Sorani | Swahili | Tagalog | Tausug | Thai | Turkish | Ukrainien | Yakan

They’ve put their trust in her

Will you?

Need a hand with your communications?