Design services

I am a freelance graphic designer based in Geneva with over 20 years experience. Feel free to ask me to help you with a visual identity that will best represent you.
I provide personal design and layout service and aim to find the best solution for your needs.
Please contact me for more information and to discuss the best options.

Develop your brand

Discover my personal design services


logo, brand guidelines, administrative set, fonts, colors


business cards, annual report, poster, roll-up, catalog, invitation, social media posts, etc.


printer quotation, printer visit, choice of paper,  printing press check, quality control, printing


layout in the 6 official languages of the UN (Arabic, Chinese, English, French and Russian)

Discover the design process

Here you can find the answers to frequent questions asked by my clients and potential clients

Understanding and strategy

We start with an initial consultation to understand your needs and goals.
Elaboration of quotes.

- Listen to the client’s request/wish, share ideas
- Discuss over the phone, via E-mail, Zoom/Teams or in person
- Prepare a quote for design and layout and get 2-3 quotes for printing
- Approval of the design and print quotes
- Propose a planning for the work to be done until the end date (project/printing/delivery)

Personalized concept

Research and inspiration. Definition of artistic direction. Tests.

- Begin work of research/design, test various choices of each element 
- Presentation in the client’s office in person or via E-mail or Zoom/Teams
- Discuss the presented elements with the client 

Feedback and corrections

I will work closely with you to make the necessary changes.

- The client gives feedback on the design 
- The client marks the corrections to be done by e-mail directly on the PDF
- I do 2 sets of design corrections according to the feedback of the client
- As soon as the design concept is approved, I begin the layout 
- Visit the printer to choose the paper and see the different printing options
- The client puts his/her feedback/corrections of the layout directly on the PDF
- I do 2-3 sets of layout corrections according to the feedback of the client
- As soon as the layout has been approved, I finalize the file for print and or for the web


I guarantee to deliver the final files to you within the agreed deadlines.

- Send the approved print file to the printer
- Receive the proof and have it verified by the client and myself
- At the printers I and or the client verify the colours in the machine and give them the green light
- Send the source files to the client
- Send invoice to the client